Note: Buyer pays shipping or trucking charges. 
Here are some shipping guidelines.


UPS is generally the best shipping method we have found in the U.S., for shipping transmissions.  The local Mailboxes Etc. or Post Net type outlets charge a much higher rate (double) than taking it to the real UPS center.  The newer UPS stores charge about 10% more than UPS centers. For example, an 80 lb. Jetta transmissions going from here (Seattle) to NY will cost about $100 to ship.

A Syncro transmissions runs about $125, give or take.  UPS will ship up to 150 lbs. Fed Ex may be the best choice to Canada due to lower brokerage fees.

We use a heavy duty plastic tub with the transmission wrapped in 3" of heavy bubble wrap or heavy duty foam and extra cardboard so it won't puncture through the sides.  Also, two boxes nested together make a stronger shipping container. Styrofoam turns to dust and packing peanuts are worthless with heavy objects.  Small pieces of wood turn into toothpicks… so you might keep these suggestions in mind. 


Please be sure the oil is drained completely then wrap transmission in a couple thick yard garbage bags to prevent any leakage.
For Syncro units, remember to plug the vent line hole (near the front top) because there is always a half quart of oil still remaining in that portion of the transmission.
UPS will charge you for any damage caused by oil leaking onto other packages.  Leave switches in; leave slave cylinder brackets on and remove mounts.

The key to shipping heavy things is to make the unit secure in its box so it will not move at all.
For most of you, bubble wrap is the best choice... pack it well and tight.  Shippers hate heavy boxes and treat them with very little respect. 


If you are so inclined feel free to drop off and pickup your transmission from Gary's Transaxle Service here at our Kent WA location.( Click here for directions and map)  Please call first.

We can also make arrangements for local delivery service if you live within a 50 mile radius of our location.

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