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Who is Gary’s Transaxles?


In 1973, owner Gary Zink, saw a need for establishing a VW Porsche transaxle repair business.  Everybody was rebuilding engines -- nobody was rebuilding transaxles (transmissions) in the Pacific Northwest.


Beginning in a humble 8’x10’ work shed, Gary began rebuilding transaxles for a couple area customers.  Through deliberately careful and precise work habits, these rebuilt swing axle and IRS transmissions became an increasingly desired commodity in the Seattle and Tacoma regions.


Year after year, business flourished as the demand for precision-built and reliable VW and Porsche (356, 914, 911) increased.  Order backlogs required 12 hour work days and an output of two to three units per day, by the sole technician specialist.  Prices were kept low to wholesale levels and modest profits were continuously re-invested in more equipment, tools, and parts stock.  Advertising has always been unnecessary, as happy customers shared contact information through word of mouth.


From the beginning, our business philosophy has been to provide rock-solid customer satisfaction and stand behind each rebuilt unit with an unquestionable warranty, even if a failure exceeded warranty period or questionable origin.


Amazingly, after 38 years of service to our VW community, we are still repairing the 50 year old split case 1956 Beetle tranies, as well as the latest models and custom off-road high performance units.


We use German bearings, seals and VW factory Syncro rings in our units.  The water-cooled Vanagons contain new and updated 3rd/4th clutch gear hub to prevent their most common failure.  Housings are re-bushed and sliders are either re-machined or replaced.  Upon request, custom gears are installed at no extra labor charge.


Address:  21924 176th Avenue SE, Kent, WA 98042-7201

Shop:  (253) 631-4004    Cell:  (206) 353-3778   E-mail:  gary_zink@hotmail.com


If you’re ever near the Kent/Covington area, please feel free to just stop by and say “hello.”


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