Over the last 38 years, we have collected a huge variety of parts, from ancient split-case Beetle transmissions to the latest Syncro and 02J transmissions. Contact us if I can help you with any hard-to-find parts or simply industry best prices on parts you may need. We can usually get parts cheaper to you than other sources. Some of these parts come and go, so call for availability and price.


In stock we have a huge variety of parts from split-case Beetle transmissions to the latest VW H2O transmissions, as well as Porsche 914, and some 911 including:


  *T1 and T2 axles, axle tubes, backing plates

  *Transmission housings, re-bushed and re-manufactured gear carrier and shift housings

Gears --

1.      Stock gears as well as custom gears, for the 113, 311, 141, 002, 091, 094, 020, 02A, 02B, 02J, Porsche and others.

2.      Also have new re-designed 091 and 094 3rd 4th syncro hubs.

3.      Custom ratios and welded 3rd and 4th gear sets

4.      Many, many differentials and ring/pinion matched gear sets with pinion shims

5.      020, 02A and 02J  5th gear sets

6.      Syncro Bus new ring and pinion sets and internal main shafts


  • ·        Bearings, new and good used, all sizes and types for VW and Porsche
  • ·        New and used, early and late shift forks and operating sleeves
  • ·        Gaskets and seals for all old and new VW and Porsche
  • ·        Syncro rings, from split-case transaxles forward
  • ·        Large variety of other new and old parts 






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